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From the author of Can’t Take That Away comes a sex-positive, fairytale-inspired YA novel that celebrates first love and self-acceptance, perfect for fans of What If It’s Us

“My heart didn’t stand a chance. I loved it from once upon a time all the way to its joyfully complex ever after.” – New York Times bestselling author Becky Albertalli

Chase Arthur is a budding animator and hopeless romantic obsessed with Disney films and finding his true love, but he’s plagued with the belief that he’s not enough for anyone: he’s recovering from an eating disorder and suffers from body dysmorphia fueled by his father, and can’t quite figure out his gender identity. When Chase starts his freshman year of college, he has to navigate being away from home and missing his sister, finding his squad, and contending with his ex-best friend Leila who is gunning for the same exclusive mentorship. If only he can pull together a short for the freshman animation showcase at the end of the semester.

Then Chase meets Jack Reid, a pragmatic poet who worships words and longs to experience life outside of his sheltered world. But Chase throws everything into question for Jack, who is still discovering his sexual identity, having grown up in close-knit conservative family. Jack internalized a lot of homophobia from his parents and childhood best friend, who unexpectedly visit campus, which threatens to destroy their relationship. Chase will have to learn to love–and be enough for–himself, while discovering what it means to truly live.

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“A perfect balance of queer joy and resistance, this power ballad of a story will leave you changed … for good.” – Phil Stamper, author of THE GRAVITY OF US and AS FAR AS YOU’LL TAKE ME

“An honest, joyful, sparkling story of love, friendship, and the unique pride that comes with being yourself in the fame of adversity. Carey deserves a standing ovation.” – Jessica Verdi, author of FOLLOW YOUR ARROW and AND SHE WAS

CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY is about Carey Parker, a genderqueer student who dreams of being a diva like their hero Mariah Carey, but when they are cast in the lead female role in the school musical, they face discrimination from a teacher, a few parents, and their tormentor, and are removed from the show. Carey must learn that in order to be their authentic self, they will have to find their voice, rally their friends, and fight against injustices from a closed-minded school administration.

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Publishing May 23, 2023 from Bloomsbury YA!

Jandy Nelson’s I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN meets DAWSON’S CREEK with a dash of HBO’s EUPHORIA, A SUPERCUT OF US follows twins Olly and Alex who have different ways of dealing with their father’s incarceration—and then his untimely death—and the complications that arise when one discovers a secret third sibling and keeps them from his sister, even after they move to their Adirondack lake-side town.