27 Things I Wish I Could Tell 17 Year Old Steven

September 14th┬áwas my 27th birthday. I don’t remember when I officially hit my “Late 20s,” but I’m surprisingly OK with that. I’m kind of taking a “whatever” attitude towards my birthday this year. In the past, I would either have an existential crisis (The Epic Quarter Life Crisis of 25) … or plan some elaborate […]

The Chronicles of Paddy R├╝berduckie

Life is difficult. Especially for a rubber ducky trapped in an arcade that’s stuck in the 1950s. Paddy┬áR├╝berduckie has watched for years as countless kids skipped back and forth across the scuzzy, black-and-white speckled tile floor from video game to video game. No one ever stopped at the claw machine filled with rubber duckys. Every […]