Why Self-Publishing Is Not For Me

Self-publishing is booming. Self-publishing is the newest trend. Self-publishing is better than traditional publishing. Self-publishing is the way to go. Or so I’ve heard. Call me a traditionalist, but I’m simply unfazed by self-publishing and have zero interest in the market. I’ve been asked by readers to write about my thoughts on self-publishing for awhile […]

Times Square: The Death of Happiness

I hate Times Square. It’s a melting pot of sweaty tourists, crusty foreigners, swindlers, pick-pockets, rude grandma’s, screaming children, the occasional Broadway actor donning a baseball cap — as if all the Rude Grandma’s and Screaming Children will recognize Fiyero from Wicked, and my personal favorite: the flea-infested costumed characters that harass everyone and everything […]

Looking In

On Saturday night in Central Park, my homegurl Mariah Carey performed with the New York Philharmonic for the MLB’s All-Star Charity Concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy. I didn’t get to go because I already tickets for Cinderella on Broadway, but I wish I did because she performed one of her most rare cuts, a song […]