HyperReality was a passion project from 2014-2017. It started as Beautiful Chaos in 2013 and morphed into something so much more. It was a space for me to write about and critique popular culture in ways that I wasn’t seeing happen. And it was awesome! I even had a few pieces go viral, like this one about JK Rowling, or this one about Disney’s Frozen being super gay BEFORE it became everyone else’s “hot take,” or this one about Adam Lambert, or the piece, “Sam Smith and the Gay Male Body Archetype,” which was retweeted and shared a quarter of a million times in one week, and got the attention of celebrities like Glee‘s Alex Newell and YA all-star David Levithan.

But then the modern thinkpiece became a thing. And BuzzFeed seemed to be doing it better — and bigger — and then suddenly everyone was critiquing pop culture, so my interest in writing those types of pieces waned. Plus, Trump happened, and it just seemed silly to focus on that over actual action and fighting against his administration’s hateful agenda. Still, every so often I get the urge to scream into the void, and if I do, it’ll be posted under this umbrella.

Enjoy the HyperReality Archives! And if you’re feeling super brave, you can venture even further back to the first batch of posts, where I complain about being a writer.