Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ is a Frighteningly Stunning Look at the Human Psyche

Am I in control? Do I have any power in a seemingly powerless situation? How canĀ I possibly “move on”? Is it possible to mentally surviveĀ a cycle of abuse? Most victims of physical and/or psychological abuse continuously ask these questions long after the actual acts of abuse have ceased; the lasting effectsĀ can and often do continue […]

Beware the Frozen Heart: Is Disney’s ‘Frozen’ An Allegory for Coming Out?

Originally Published: December 2nd, 2013; Updated: June 24th, 2014 Is Disney’s Frozen An Allegory for Coming Out? **WARNING: Mild Spoilers Ahead** Walt Disney Animation Studios, the brilliant tour de forceĀ behindĀ animations greatest cinematic achievements like the use of a multiplane camera toĀ help create the illusion of depth in animation, among others —Ā ahem, Snow White and the […]