10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was in the Closet

Originally Published: April 3rd, 2014; Updated: June 24th, 2014 Recently, I’ve had a few readers reach out to me in response to this piece I wrote about Disney’s Frozen, sharing candid personal details about their life and struggles they’ve faced in regards to growing up gay and taking those pivotal first steps towards coming out […]


Originally Published: August 26th, 2013; Updated: June 24th, 2014 “Maybe” I probably shouldn’t have told Nina not to wear her skintight plaid pants with zippers all over the legs. It wasn’t my finest hour. But I guess that’s the beauty of hindsight; it’s only good after the fact. Now I’m left alone, with only my […]

Drunk in Love: That Time I Proposed to a Girl for Free Wine

I woke up drunk, which was pretty standard for a Friday morning in college. The night before was the annual Senior Semi-Formal; basically, it was an excuse to get dressed up like horny 18 year olds going to prom and binge-drink at a school-sponsored event somewhere in greater Ithaca. I don’t remember exactly where because, […]

The Common Cure for Uncommon Anxiety

As I’ve gotten older, I seemed to have developed new anxieties. And not just any ol’ run-of-the-mill anxieties; I’m talking about the brink-of-insanity variety. These are steroid-laden beastial anxieties that really make no sense because, really, does anxiety ever truly make sense in the first place? At least I’m self-aware. I guess I should probably […]

27 Things I Wish I Could Tell 17 Year Old Steven

September 14th was my 27th birthday. I don’t remember when I officially hit my “Late 20s,” but I’m surprisingly OK with that. I’m kind of taking a “whatever” attitude towards my birthday this year. In the past, I would either have an existential crisis (The Epic Quarter Life Crisis of 25) … or plan some elaborate […]

The Summer of the Never – Ending Existential Crisis

I feel like everything is in a state of constant “moment before the free-fall.” You know, feet haven’t totally left the ground/platform/whatever metaphorical hard-ground you want to picture me standing on, and I’m not spiraling down into a deep, dark abyss – not yet, anyway. I’m stuck in the moment before the plunge. I’m suspended […]

The Power of Fear

What is it like to live in constant fear and self-doubt? It’s probably not a concept many understand. I don’t quite understand it myself. It’s a feeling that’s indescribable,  in all the worst possible ways. It’s a knot-in-the-stomach, tears-on-deck, total-confusion-and-borderline-depression, all-consuming sort of feeling. When I was in undergrad, the professor I had for Autobiography […]