Storytelling is More Important Now Than Ever: Why Disney’s “Moana” is the Perfect Antidote to Trump’s America

It’s important now more than ever for stories about people of color to flood mainstream media; storytelling is the most powerful tool we have in the fight against hatred of any kind. Moana is a triumph in both storytelling and empowerment.

Mary Poppins Quits, Demands Minimum Wage Increase, Wins the Internet!

Kristen Bell teamed up with Funny or Die for a Mary Poppins “Spoonful of Sugar” parody that demands minimum wage pay increases. Bell’s Julie Andrews-circa-Disney’s-Poppins is SPOT-ON, sometimes uncanny, and all-around a Jolly Holiday way to raise awareness about life below the poverty line (it’s not lost on us here at HyperReality that Mary Poppins […]

A Whole New … World? Aladdin Song About Sex, Childhood Effectively Ruined

Caution: I’m about to ruin some childhoods. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS OMGREVELATION? “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin is totally about foreplay. Don’t believe me? Sing along and really think about the lyrics (and your first time losing your V card or delivering/receiving a handy/blowie) as I break it down: . I can […]

Beware the Frozen Heart: Is Disney’s ‘Frozen’ An Allegory for Coming Out?

Originally Published: December 2nd, 2013; Updated: June 24th, 2014 Is Disney’s Frozen An Allegory for Coming Out? **WARNING: Mild Spoilers Ahead** Walt Disney Animation Studios, the brilliant tour de force behind animations greatest cinematic achievements like the use of a multiplane camera to help create the illusion of depth in animation, among others — ahem, Snow White and the […]