Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ is a Frighteningly Stunning Look at the Human Psyche

Am I in control? Do I have any power in a seemingly powerless situation? How can I possibly “move on”? Is it possible to mentally survive a cycle of abuse? Most victims of physical and/or psychological abuse continuously ask these questions long after the actual acts of abuse have ceased; the lasting effects can and often do continue […]

Chris Pratt and Male Body Image in Hollywood

Originally Posted August 4th, 2014; Updated June 26th, 2015 Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s latest TV funny man-turned viable Hollywood leading man; everybody seems to want a piece of the Pratt. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy may have been last summers most surprising smash hit, raking in an estimated 94 million in its opening weekend (and breaking August […]

“No Offense, But”: Reactions to the Possibility of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon (Maybe) Being Gay

Whenever somebody begins with the phrase, “No offense, but…,” rest assured that it’s probably going to be somewhat offensive, especially where gay issues are concerned. No matter how progressive our culture seems to be on the surface, beneath that glossy, shiny exterior plastered with photos from Pride Parades, individual state marriage equality victories, and cover […]

Female Thor, Wonder Woman, and a Call for More Kick-Ass Heroines!

On Wednesday, July 15th, 2014, Marvel announced that a new Thor comic book series would star — wait for it — a woman in the title role as the new God(fess) of Thunder. Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir, has rarely been wielded by a woman, and for the first time in the 52 years since Thor’s first comic […]