Not All Thought is Relevant: Why We Should All Boycott Thought Catalog


“Not All Thinking is Relevant: Why I’m Done with Thought Catalog” is an incredible piece from a good friend of HyperReality, Nic DiDomizio of The N!colas Blog about Thought Catalog and their “all thoughts are relevant” motto in the wake of Gavin McInnes’ hate-fueled rant about the transgender community. I, too, am done with Thought Catalog, and I urge everyone to think long and hard about TC and their penchant for publishing everything and anything, regardless of standards, morals, or ethics in a time where we desperately need credible voices.


The N!colas Blog

I’ve only been close with one transgender person in my life so far, and she happened to be somewhat famous. Her name was Octavia St. Laurent, known by many from the iconic film Paris Is Burning. There’s nothing I can write here to convey how effervescent and lovely she was, so instead I’ll just state the facts.

Octavia lived about a half hour away from where I attended college in Connecticut. My campus-leader boyfriend hit it off with her after she came to our school to give a lecture on HIV for an event he organized one day. The chemistry was instant and Octavia quickly became something of a den mother to us. She schooled my boyfriend and me on safe sex, emotional wellness, and the importance of being our authentic selves. She gave us sassy yet wise life advice and told us mind-blowing stories from her salacious New…

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