Mary Poppins Quits, Demands Minimum Wage Increase, Wins the Internet!

Kristen Bell teamed up with Funny or Die for a Mary Poppins “Spoonful of Sugar” parody that demands minimum wage pay increases. Bell’s Julie Andrews-circa-Disney’s-Poppins is SPOT-ON, sometimes uncanny, and all-around a Jolly Holiday way to raise awareness about life below the poverty line (it’s not lost on us here at HyperReality that Mary Poppins is a nanny for an upper class white family.) Mary Poppins may be “practically perfect in every way,” but we know better than anybody that perfect doesn’t pay the bills.


“Step in Time”¬†and Check out the video below, if for nothing else than to hear Mary Poppins sing “Supercalifragilisticexpiali-BULLSHIT!”


 What did you think? Funny? Effective? Supercalifragilisticexpiali-BULLSHIT? Sound Off in the Comments Below!



  1. My friend was telling me about this video today and I check into your site and Boom! There it is! This is really thought provoking, especially since it uses a Disney character we all know and love and like it just makes you think a little bit more about something you might not think about too much (or maybe cause I’m still in college I don’t know but I guess I will soon enough) This was really good though! Love Kristen Bell too!

    1. HA! Yeah, once you graduate and you’re in the “real world,” you’ll realize just how hilarious this video is…because it’s true. It’s SO hard to live today. And it’s just getting worse.


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