Adam Lambert + Queen = Everything

Freddie Mercury may have passed away nearly 23 years ago, but his spirit is 1,000% present as Queen takes the stage with American Idol finalist the bone-chilling-jaw-droppingly talented Adam Lambert on their new international tour, billed as Queen + Adam Lambert. Walking into the Mohegan Sun arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, it was impossible not to feel the energy and excitement stemming from eager concert-goers. There were many in old Queen concert tees, but what shocked me the most was the vast age range of fans, all of whom ready to celebrate Mercury’s untouchable legacy.

The show opened with a duo of songs from their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack, “Now I’m Here” and “Stone Cold Crazy,” respectively, and within the first new notes of the former, it was clear that Adam Lambert had been rebranded a rock God; his voice crescendoed and pierced through the audience and if there was anybody who might’ve been doubtful of Lambert’s vocal prowess — and ability to do justice to one of the greatest male voices in the history of recorded music — they were quickly turned a believer.


It was immediately clear that, although Lambert is not Freddie Mercury, he never claimed to be. He put his spin on a collection of Rock n’ Roll’s most treasured songs and proved that he is not only an exceptional talent, but a force to be reckoned with. These were some of the reactions from people within ear shot: “Wow, he’s amazing! I never would have guessed!” and “He fuckin’ rocks! Freddie would be proud!”


Some might even say that Lambert was made to front the greatest glam rock band of all-time; or, at the very least, in Mercury’s absence, was perfectly retrofitted for a job that was filled long before he was born.

Lambert captivated Idol audiences in 2009 with his haunting rendition of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World,” but his career never quite took off the way it should have. His debut album, For Your Entertainment, which came out later that year, was plagued with controversy (apparently a man-on-man kiss was too much for a Primetime awards show) and post-Idol cheese material — save for a couple of personal and  songs like “Broken Open” and “Aftermath,” a Queen-esque rock jam “Music Again” penned by The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins, and contributions from Lady Gaga (“Fever”), P!nk, “Whattaya Want From Me,” which peaked at no. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2010, and Max Martin (“If I Had You,” which was a moderately successful follow-up to “Whattaya Want From Me.”) He followed it up with the critically-acclaimed Trespassing in 2012, but the singles failed to make an impact, despite the material being both radio-ready and an indication of Lambert’s artistic growth. He’s currently working on his third album, and with Lambert having transformed into a rock God for the Queen tour, we’re expecting big things. In fact, I think this tour will do wonders for his reputation and likability. In a post-Prop 8/Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell/Marriage Equality/Sam Smith-loving America, I expect a glam rock Lambert to come out of the post-Queen gates wailing and commanding the attention and accolades that Freddie Mercury once had.

The highlights of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour started 7 songs in, making the first act seem like a mere warm-up. “Killer Queen” saw Lambert on a velvet lounge chair, doing a vaudeville-inspired rendition of the ultra-glam track. IMG_1457

But it was “Somebody to Love” that elicited the biggest reaction from the audience up until that point. During the climax of the classic song, he took the crowd to church, sending lightning bolt-sized chills up and down my spine.

The show’s other highlight’s include Lambert singing Freddie Mercury’s first solo song “Love Kills,” from the re-release of the silent film Metropolis. Mercury’s original is campy and deliciously 80s, but this reworked version is a “Mad World”-esque slow burner with soaring vocals and haunting music that accompanied it.

“Who Wants to Live Forever,” a haunting Queen original, is given the Lambert staple, becoming yet another show highlight.

Throughout the nearly 3-hour long show, Freddie Mercury’s presence was felt; it sometimes bordered on tribute-y, like when original Queen drummer Roger Taylor sang “These Are the Days of a Lives,” a schmaltzy track to begin with. However, for the most part, it was earnest, and Lambert sounded like an excited fangirl as he gushed about Mercury, his influence on him, and how honored and in awe he was to be standing on the stage with such an iconic band.

Out of the sets 22 songs (not counting the solos from original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor), it was the final three songs that brought the entire arena to its feet: “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which saw Lambert trading verses with Freddie Mercury via old concert footage, and the encore songs, “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions.” Throughout it all, Lambert never missed a beat. Charisma oozed from his pores as he strutted across the stage, sneered like Elvis Presley, air-humped his mic, and sashayed with enough sass for every gay man in a 50-mile radius; it was the first time I’ve seen a stadium full of (mostly) straight older men cheering for a man donning a cheetah print suit in a gold sparkly crown.


As I looked around, waiting for someone to groan at one of Lambert’s hilariously exaggerated theatrics, I noticed that nobody batted an eyelash. In fact, aisles of straight men laughed along with the crowd and cheered him on; labels were gone, pre-judgments washed away, and the only thing that remained was pure, raw energy emanating from Lambert and Queen to the crowd and beyond. Everyone in attendance was a glam rock queen. And that’s exactly how Freddie Mercury would have wanted it.


Consensus: Must-see show of the year! Adam Lambert brought new energy to Queen that was unique, smart, and demonstrated just how much of a force to reckon with he can be. Now, if only the rest of the world can catch up.


  1. Best review so actually get what Adam is all get what this phenomenal collaboration is..its better than anything out there..@nytimes reviewer can learn something from you.

    1. Wow,a real genuine well spoken music critic!!! I was at the Queen concert at Mohegan last night and this review was spot on.I’ve been to many concerts over the years,and a rabid Queen fan and over the moon fan of Freddie.Wisely Adam did not try to imitate him,he didn’t have to.And he was spectacular! If this collaboration doesn’t elevate his career I don’t know what will.

    2. Awww thank you! I’d KILL to review for the NY Times.

      But yeah, I’ve always felt this connection to Lambert; I understand what he’s about, and being a huge Queen fan, I just connected to this show so intensely.

      1. Great review. You do get it, so I don’t have to elaborate on the experience to you. The New York Times really needs someone like you to review concerts like this, as they clearly missed the mark on the Queen plus Adam show, and lost the respect of a lot of fans by their lack of knowledge about Queen in the first place.

    3. Agree with imrah. I also read the the nytimes since I was at the show and was shocked by the review. So what I learned from this trashy critic was simple, I will never read a review, or anything else from the Times.
      This concert was amazing, and finally, it took how many concerts before someone had the courage to write what anyone who attended the show felt. There were some good reviews, I especially paid attention to the shows I myself attended, but no one gave Adam the recognition as this reviewer so eloquently wrote.

  2. spot-on, Adam can disarm anyone and then blow you away with that VOICE, geezus, THAT VOICE!! what a performer!!! Love him and I saw Queen and Adam in Houston, reminds me of what concerts are supposed to be…LIVE singing, longer than 30 minutes, extremely entertaining

    1. At one point last night, Roger actually said, “This is a show with no dancers and real singers.” Spot on. Just proves what REAL musicians are capable of doing with a concert. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a show where the spectacle didn’t overpower talent.

      1. WOW I’ve been saying this for years. Most of the POP artist’s concerts are all bells and whistles to make up for lack of musical talent. Now they are even lipsynching because they can’t sustain more than one or two shows w/o straining their voices good or bad. Adam has never cancelled a show even during GNT which had 112 shows with only a short break between shows. The man is not real. Also how many vocalist sing for 2.25 hrs with no intermission.

        1. I’ve honestly never heard anything like his voice, live. It’s other-worldly. I’ve been to A LOT of concerts, a lot of different artists of all genres, and nobody comes close to Adam live. It’s INSANE, really.

          I’ve found myself really drawn to these types of shows. I recently saw Lady Gaga twice, once during her #artRAVE tour, and once when she shut down Roseland Ballroom in NYC, and for the Roseland show, it was 100% her voice and her insane showmanship. For #artRAVE (which was still a VERY good show), it was more “SPECTACLE” than anything else. Still, she’s a TRUE musician, someone who can write, sing, dance, and play instruments, and that’s RARE.

          I’d LOVE for Adam and Gaga to team up and collaborate vocally. I’d DIE.

  3. Love, love this review! Yes, Adam is showing us the way to a new appreciation for “I am who I am”, and damn, he is GOOD!

      1. Steven,I think this new album is very important.I went to the Mohegan concert with a friend who wasn’t familiar with Adam at all.She went for Queen.While there she developed a serious case of Adamitis.She called me the next day after going on You tube to hear all she could from Adam.She said”No No NO! This is why he’s not the new Elvis.” She thought she heard only a handful of songs that were somewhat worthy of him.I have to agree,that incredible voice needs music like Queen’s,no one is doing it,He could clean up with the right stuff.She also made a cute comment about him.She thinks the reason women(and some men)flip over him is because he stands there with a sweet little boy smile while sex is oozing out his pores!

        1. I won’t lie, I’m kind of nervous that he’s going to go down the dance-y, techno, house route, but that sound is really played out. I loved the funk of “Shady,” which was very Scissor Sisters and totally the sound that he should go for, since Scissor Sisters are like Queen meets Elton John meets West Hollywood gay house funk. He needs stand out songs, something like his own “Mad World” that would really kill. Or go the Sam Smith route and do something stripped down and beautiful to really showcase his voice. I’m crossing my fingers for a stellar new album from him, something that will up the ante from Trespassing for sure, but build on what he’s doing with Queen (like “Love Kills” or “Who Wants to Live Forever”) and what he did with songs like “Outlaws of Love” and “Underneath”

          1. Ahhhh, Steven thank you for posting this! It’s word for word a viewpoint we expressed with various long-time Glamberts at the Mohegan. Even my hubby pointed out the exact standouts you reference above. It is clear that while “playing in the sandbox with the autotune, electronica crowd” may be fun, it isn’t worthy of this artist and won’t get him where he so clearly needs to go.

          2. I couldn’t agree more on everything you said especially building on to the momentum with Queen. EDM is a waste of his talent, however I love Shady. That sexy, funky tune is my favorite song on TP.

          3. Thing is, Adam can sing anything and I think he likes to sing everything. I recall Kara on Idol saying he should sing Glam rock and rock because no one is doing it. In this age of dying radio I think it would be awesome for Adam to be able to say FUCK YOU to radio and just go on to record and perform what he was born to do. Besides, I said a long time ago (June 3 2102) that he is too good for radio.

            1. Yes, this! We are dyed in the wool Glamberts and will listen to absolutely anything he sings. We have had to stretch our boundaries into the realm of previously despised “house” electronica, but can’t complain because he made even that – palatable. Have to admit that the popular music scene is seriously missing any form of memorable ROCK, power-singing icon in the making. Adam has the complete package to be this generation’s answer to the empty space left after bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd, Journey, Genesis, Yes, Rush, etc etc . . .

              During Idol Season 8 both Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi were visibly excited at the prospect of the future of serious Rock with Adam Lambert at the helm. Even Simon Cowell projected Iconic status for him. We will take whatever he puts out, but pray for the return of Rock, Glam, Power that relies on world class history-making vocal talent like Adam’s. A collaborative album with Queen will go a long way in the right direction!

        2. So very true. I have always thought the reason Adam has so many older women fans like myself, is his voice, and the “new Elvis,” connection. I have been an Adam fan since the beginning, and I am a new Queen convert since seeing “We Will Rock You,” in London, but, and I guess my age is showing here, I do not like a lot of the pop style songs Adam has recorded, as much as the awesome rock and power ballads of Queen and those in the Queen style. I really hope he comes out with something similar on his next album that really showcases his voice. He has done a few like that, and of course I have bought them because I would buy a copy of Adam singing the phone book, but he needs material to showcase his voice. There are plenty out there to do the pop thing, who need all the vocal help, auto tuning, etc they can get, but Adam needs material to showcase his voice, the way the Queen catalogue does.

          1. Stay tuned. Adam hasn’t announced his label yet but after this tour I predict there will be a QUEEN connection.

  4. Thank you Thank you…for this Wonderful review…you “Get it” completely…what Adam is all about- the Queen+Adam Lambert collaboration and what this Incredible tour is all about. Best review of all.

  5. Love your comments, going to my third show tonite in Merriweather. Adam Lambert has led me to rediscover Queen music….

    1. I went to Madison Square Garden and Merriweather. Merriweather was insane!!! It seemed like 95% of the audience were Queen fans and the ones around me were sold after the first song! Can’t wait for Atlantic City!

      1. Interesting…I’ve always said that Adam is either the Second Coming or the anti-Christ or maybe both. 🙂

  6. What an astute insightful review! You are the rare one who actually dug a little and explained Lambert’s progress or lack thereof in the music world. The critically successful Trespassing album has some gems on it which never reached radio.Like your observation, when straight men start to admire your talent, you are on your way. We women have loved him from the start. And many Lambert fans already were Queen fans from the get-go. After all, they are similar in their glamrock creativity.

    1. Thank you!

      I think that, given the right material, Adam could be HUGELY successful in the US. And the Queen tour, I think, will do wonders for his reputation and help spread the positive word of mouth of his raw talent. I LOVE Trespassing, especially “Outlaws of Law”; it was SUCH an important song that never got to see the light of day. I’m hopeful, though, that he will succeed.

      1. So many comments I could comment on — but I chose THIS one! And I’ll get to the subject at hand but, first, I want to add to the chorus of praise for your spot on review, Steven. Just very insightful, thoughtful, creative (love the layout of videos interspersed with your review!) — and overall WELL DONE. Yes, it’s been great seeing wonderful reviews like yours, and then we’re left dumbstruck not only by NY Times and NY Post reviews (the latter of which characterized Adam’s vocals as a “fart in the wind,” why in the world would someone say something like that in a professional reviews (oh, right, NY Post), but a horrible analogy (oddly, also very British-sounding). There were also a few others such as LA Times that were off. It seems like all those reviewers had a conference call to share notes because they all have the same thread running through their reviews, their mean-spirited attitude. Fortunately, those have been far & few between and Adam has just been getting better and better, the crowds’ admiration has been getting better and better via being expressed in louder and LOUDER appreciation from one city to the next, and, in consequence, the reviews overall seem to be more and more positive. An Adam fan like me, back from his Day 1 on Idol, couldn’t be happier.

        But, ok, so…the actual subject of this particular comment that LIFE IS A DANCE started and you answered — what the heck happened with “Trespassing.” And since we’re all friends here, all Adam lovers here, may I say?….. I don’t know WHAT the thought process was with the singles chosen for release with the album. I’ve been in showbiz for over 30 years, although you don’t have to be in showbiz to know this: when I listened to Trespassing I KNEW what was gonna be radio-friendly and what wasn’t and was STUNNED at each choice RCA made. To start off Adam Lambert’s new album, which was so long-awaited after his first one, which he produced and wrote many of the tracks, to have the first single as “Better Than I Know Myself”? A good tune, but for the album NOT for radio, not the most energetic one, when the first single NEEDED to be massively energetic, needed to explode on the scene. When it could have been “Shady”? Or “Cuckoo”? Or “Chokehold” (which I think was brilliant)? And don’t get me started with “Runnin'” a TREMENDOUS track oddly relegated to “Bonus Track” status (and at least included on the recent Adam compilation CD). Heck, “Never Close Our Eyes” is a good tune, not my choice for a single, but, ok, they release it and say NOTHING about it being a Bruno Mars-penned track. Why? Why not PROMOTE that as part of the story?

        Adam said he’s an open book and will talk about ANYTHING — but I wonder if he would ever open up to REALLY what went on behind the scenes at RCA with Trespassing. So many wonderful choices for singles and, no offense to anyone who did like the ones that were chosen — but I believe all the ones that were chosen should have stayed on the album and others released. And, again, no Monday Morning Quarterbacking here — I felt this before these songs got on the air.

        I’d love to hear your opinion of this, Steve — and anyone else who’s reading.

        But, yes, we will need to look ahead, look forward to the NEW album, leave the poorly-chosen singles in the past, and, in the meantime, we can hear the glorious gift we’re being given with Q+AL and I agree that this is gonna take him into the stratosphere.

        Also, I have to mention: one of my dearest friends is named Steve Shaw, but i guess there are a few of you around, yes?

        (forgive all my caps above — if I could have done italics I would have!)

        1. Totally reading my mind! I also loved this review. For the life of me, I never could figure out the choices RCA made for the singles they released.

        2. I LOVE “Better Than I Know Myself,” but it was a HORRIBLE choice for first single. But I think that they were trying to go for repeat of the “Whattaya Want From Me” success, but even though BTIKM is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better song, it just wasn’t what he needed to sell his new album. I do, however, “Never Close Our Eyes” was the most obvious hit, but after BTIKM failed to make a dent, it was hard to come back. And nowadays, record lane;s aren’t as willing to take chances on MORE singles after a few “flops.” “Chokehold” was one of my favorites, but it never would have succeeded without a previous hit. IDK…I love him so much and Trespassing was great, but there was nothing that would have made radio go gaga over…

        3. My opinion about why RCA did not promote Adam’s career.has to do with American Idol and what happened during Season 8. There was no doubt that Adam was the star. After all, singers like him do not come along more than maybe once in a generation. Early on Idol knew that an unusually high number of votes were coming from Kris’s home town in Arkansas. MTV went to Conway and wrote articles about the local support. That would have been great for Kris except for the fact that AT&T got involved with his win. A rogue AT&T executive, an alumni of Kris’s university, UCA, took it upon himself to give out free phones, some with California numbers for 2 extra hours of voting, and he had stations set up at the vote parties where AT&T employees taught power texting and gave out and charged phones. On the night of the final about 3,000 people at the university were able to produce about 30 million votes. Idol knows where every vote comes from and it is within their discretion to count block votes or discard them. Idol made a big mistake. There was a serious outcry from Adam’s fans. A book was written about the voting filled with pictures and local newspaper articles that proved beyond a doubt that Adam did not lose a fair contest. Instead of a public apology Idol set out to ruin Adam’s career so that it would look like the right guy won. American Idol was way more important than any one contestant. It is my opinion that Idol, with the help of RCA sabotaged Adam’s career. Idol had ties with ABC and Disney and look how they treated Adam for his AMA performance on the night before the release of his first album. Then look at the choices for singles for both albums. Why isn’t “For Your Entertainment” platinum? Many other artist have platinum albums with the number Adam sold because the standard is for shipped albums rather than sold ones. There are many more events that support my theory, but I am not writing a book. It is amazing that Adam survived it all and since he parted with RCA and 19 his career has taken off. He has tremendous courage as well as talent or his career would not have survived.

        1. At this point, I want NEW music, and a new direction.

          I’d kill for a Scissor Sisters type of album, with a Queen influence and with a few stripped down ballads a la Sam Smith. He’d KILL it.

  7. Bravo Steve. I was sitting next to a straight male longtime Queen fan who has been to thousands of concerts, knew of Adam from Idol, and a couple of songs in he leaned over and with great admiration said “That is NOT the Adam Lambert I remember from AmericanIdol” and halfway tthrough commented on the awesoneness of his voice. Those few reviewers who have been negative seem like they were not even at the show. I have been to 6, sadly tlast night being my final, unless I can figure out how to make yet another cross-country trip to catch one or two more!! May this tour lead to Adam receiving all thar his incredible talent deserves in the future.

      1. Truth! I’ve been a fan since 2009 and AI8. Got to see this Q+AL tour on opening night in Chicago. From watching live feeds and video clips, it just keeps getting better every night! Thank you for recognizing and publicizing how incredibly talented Adam is!

      2. Steven, I believe that we hear the same way we taste food, and that not everyone is going to like Adam Lambert. But I do wish they would go and hear him sing LIVE before passing judgement.

        1. The thing is, people don’t need to hear him sing live. He just needs to release a string of undeniable, artfully crafted songs. If he comes with something unexpected as a first single post-Queen, he’ll get noticed. If he plays up his strengths and goes the acoustic, stripped down ballad route a la Sam Smith, he’ll blow all the competition out of the water. Unfortunately he’s releasing songs that don’t showcase his strengths (For Your Entertainment, If I Had You, Never Close Our Eyes, etc.) The electronic/dance/dubstep trend is over, so hopefully Adam will move on too. I’m hoping he does something with Queen on at least one song.

          1. I just wanted to point out that the two singles chosen from Trespassing were two of the three songs that Adam did not write on that album. Why they were chosen is a total mystery to me too. There were so many better choices among songs that Adam actually wrote. And with good videos to go with them they might have been very successful. RCA did not even promote the singles they chose. I hope next time, Adam will have a label that appreciates what they have in Adam and know how to promote his music. I also would love an album with Queen, perhaps a combination of old and new songs with Adam’s voice.

          2. This is the 4th or 5th time you have mentioned Sam Smith.( In the article and throughout your comments). Not sure why you are pimping him. I find him boring as hell. Flavor of the month. Same songs all sounding the SAME. Smith and others owe so much to Adam for kicking the door down for them.

            1. I mean…how many other mainstream male solo singers are openly gay and enjoying crazy amounts of success? Plus, like Adam, he has an amazing voice with a great range AND he can emote. But to each his own, I suppose.

          3. Now that some months have passed, I saw this review pop up again. And now Adam has said he has a record label and has said they he has a new direction. My prediction stands that the label will be connected to Queen and it would be stupid to not have a Queen collaboration on it.

            And thank God that the tour is continuing in Europe in early 2015.

            My dream is that Queen would release a CD/DVD set and pick the most iconic performances from the whole tour. And they need to include ALL the songs that were covered, including LOVE KILLS, which for the life of me don’t understand why they excluded it near the end. It was the only “new-ish” song and one of the highlights of the show. And I admit, there were like 15 highlights in this show. LOL. Then I heard Freddie’s version of LOVE KILLS on the new QUEEN FOREVER album, and Adam sings it better. So I’m wondering if they wanted to prevent some of the direct comparisons.

            Also wanted to thank you again for such an awesome review. I’m really into psychic symbols and what I love is the gif of Freddie taking off his crown and under it a pic of Adam wearing it. I have one small criticism and it’s your title, that Adam “steals” the stage. Stealing means that it belonged to someone else. I say that he OWNS the stage. 😉

            1. Hello. Because I am heading to the Prague´s concert in February, I read adn listen all I can. I am fan of both. Roger said in one interview that they´ve been making DV and live CD in Australia. I hope it will be soon. But I think that not before the end of the tour.

  8. This is definitely the best review i have seen i can tell you were really there, you paid attention you enjoyed you observed and you did your homework before hand and you reported on all of it Well done you should go work for the NYTimes!!!! I absolutely adore Adam Lambert and have been a huge Queen fan my whole life so this combination is like heaven to me and am so honored i got to attend one of the shows and would kill to be able to go to them all, i never tire of watching live streams and videos of all the shows so far and cant wait to see the future ones coming up

    1. I definitely did my homework. Not that it was hard, I am a huge Lambert and Queen fan. But I REALLY soaked in the entire show…it was a true experience for anyone (with half a brain) paying attention!

  9. I went to the Philly show and Queen and Adam Lambert were fantastic and entertained the crowd! Adam’s voice is magnificent live and this was my first time hearing and seeing him live! This was a great and honest review and I appreciate it. I only wish I could go to more of these concerts, I want to hear more of Adam’s amazing voice and Queen’s incredible talent! Best concert I have ever attended!

    1. Thank you! It was my first time seeing Lambert live, too. Queen as well. I never wanted to see Queen without Freddie Mercury, and since I was 5 when Mercury died, I knew I’d never have the chance to experience the material the way Freddie would’ve wanted. Until last night. It helps that I’ve absolutely LOVED Adam Lambert ever since his Idol days.

  10. I love this review! You OBVIOUSLY have great taste and an open mind! I am blown away by the kind of ridiculous talent, charm and stage presence Adam possesses. Whenever he was on stage, he commanded the stage. Your eyes are riveted to his every move. When he was not on stage, there seemed to be an emptiness on stage. Don’t get me wrong . . . Roger and Brian, et al are extremely talented but they seemed to blend into the stage. Regarding the appreciation from straight men . . . I had one (straight) older male shout out . . . “I Love You, Adam!” Gives me a great big smile! 🙂

    1. I half-agree. There were times when Brian and Roger commanded the stage, and other times when Lambert purposely (and respectfully) bowed to them, allowing them to be the center of attention. Though when Lambert wasn’t on stage, I agree that his presence was greatly missed.

      Also, LOVE the straight male appreciation!

  11. Funny that you mentioned Adam’s appeal to gay men when his biggest fans are women who think that he is sexy as hell. Women scream at every suggestive pelvic, move reminiscent of young Elvis’s fans. On the Idol tour women’s undergarments were thrown at Adam on stage every night. Just because Adam is gay does not mean that he is not female eye candy and sexually objectified. After all, we know that we are not going home with him, but sexy is sexy and he is a very good looking man!

    1. I absolutely agree. Adam is sexy as hell. I’d give my left nut for a night with Lambert, so I can imagine what women would do. Just goes to show the appeal he has.

  12. Fantastic article reflects our experience at three QueenBert concerts to date! So amazing to see incredible talent wash away superficial preconceptions. What next? World Peace 🙂

      1. Sorry to be commenting on so many posts, but I in the past two elections I’ve written in Adam Lambert for everything that I didn’t clearly love one of the candidates. Seriously, he has what we need, leadership skills and awesome looks. LOL

  13. Great review. You really captured the feeling. I only take exception to your comment that maybe the world will catch up. The rest of the world has been ahead of the US in recognizing and appreciating the skill of Adam Lambert. He has gone platinum and earned awards in other countries. His music gets more airtime and concerts have been supported. Maybe now the US will realize the gem we have.

    1. To be honest, by “world,” I meant “music world” — and the biggest market for mainstream pop music is the US market. So, really, I was referring to the US. Though I should’ve been more clear…and less US-centric (haha)

  14. Such a great review! I’m so glad you had a good time!

    I was at Mohegan Sun, and having seen Lambert live just once before when he toured with his first album four years ago, I was blown away by how much he has grown as a singer and all-around performer. Which is scary, because HOW GOOD IS HE GOING TO GET??? So cool to see an audience that included gays, middle-aged marrieds, screaming teens, mature rockers stepping gently with canes, and awestruck children all rocking out together. You forget that this is completely unusual in the music business. There’s something so universal about this man and Queen.

    1. I don’t think we’ve even seen the best of Adam Lambert yet. He hasn’t even begun…I can’t wait to wait to see what’s to come.

      My [wet] dream is for Adam and Queen to rerecord some of Queen’s classics, like “Somebody to Love,” “Killer Queen,” “Who Wants to Live Forever” and Freddie Mercury’s “Love Kills” because I NEED them with Adam’s voice.

      1. ..I totally endorse Queen releasing a live and a studio recorded album of Adam singing all of the Queen hits. I missed Don’t Stop Me Now from the concert I saw. It is such an uplifting song and Adam smiles when he sings it. When this man smiles, the whole world smiles with him. This musical combination is nothing less than divine intervention. How coincidental that an epic Glam rock band loses their lead singer, Adam happens to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” for his AI audition and he has the range, vocal range and theatricality to be their lead singer. Had the lead singer of any other band died, would Adam have been able to showcase his many talents like he can with Queen? I don’t think so. Queen’s songs have such soaring melodies. I saw the 1992 tribute concert with famous musical artists who, with exception of George Michael, failed miserably singing Queen songs. None of them could swing the high to low variations in melody and they could not perform the songs with the theatricality they deserve. I laugh at the word “theatrical” because that is what Simon Cowell said about Adam at his American Idol audition. But, it is exactly that that makes Adam so special and unusual. Nowadays, the theatricality is behind the lead singer with dancers and special effects and fancy colorful costumes. Can Britney sing without a synthesizer, ever? Adam can sing the highest notes without going into a falsetto voice, How unusual is that? He has such control and power in his voice. I respect this kind of talent so much. He made me want to listen to music again after decades of bad music, and he made me and many others want to listen to music again. I felt that your review reflected the experience very well. You can relive a concert when reading a review. That happened for me more than most of the reviews I read.

        1. AH! I KNEW that I was forgetting something in my review: my ANGER over them not playing “Don’t Stop Me Now,” which is one of my all-time favorite Queen songs.

          Simon Cowell, though usually on point with his critiques on AI, got it ALL wrong whenever he critiqued Adam. “Theatricality” is NOT a bad thing. Then again, he was on Idol before Gaga and Katy Perry hit their peaks, and they both built their careers on theatricality.

          Really insightful comment, Sue. Thanks for adding to the conversation!

          1. I think Lady GaGa was on Idol that Season and I know Katy was. Katy came out with a cape that said “Lambert” on the back. I think Simon got over his initial take on Adam. When Adam sang “Feeling Good” Randy claimed that Adam was too “theatrical”. Simon told Randy that that was not a proper criticism because that it what Adam does, it would be like telling a cow not to moo. Then at the final Simon criticized Adam for his new interpretation of “Mad World” claiming it was too “theatrical”. Simon contradicted himself because the producers at Idol decided that rather then celebrating the fact that they had found such a spectacular artist, they would pretend that a contest was going on to increase ratings. It is a well know fact, to a large extent, the producers script the judges critiques. Remember when Paula critiqued a song that had not been sung yet when the contestants had to sing two songs? To Simon’s credit he would not stand when the other guy won.
   (Simon scolds Randy)
   (Simon contradicts himself)

            How could this song, beat this:

            1. Oh YES! Thank you Brooklyn for the reminder/link to the magnificence of Adam’s Change is Gonna Come. Never fails to make me catch my breath in awe. Srsly, Randy said it from the start, and we repeated it all that season that Adam was fully ready right then and there to be a Rock Star! There was just no comparison between Adam’s extreme artistry and that other “nice fella” who obviously really didn’t belong there. He’s just as nowhere now as he was before he somehow got into the competition. “Reality” TV couldn’t get any less real than that!

  15. Thank you for an honest review. My sister and I saw the first concert in Chicago, IL. We both still have visions of that concert everyday. Steven, just like you said, once you see him live then you will believe. I tell people all the time how incredible he is. I think my words are falling on deaf ears. They have not heard him live. I have seen Adam 5 times now and he leaves me wanting more. Because of my admiration and love of
    Adam, my family is becoming more open to him. Thank you and I hope you have many great days.

    1. Yes, refreshing isn’t it! 🙂 This show was SO worth seeing three times, that we had to get tickets to a fourth. The magic doesn’t stop!

  16. Good? How about GREAT! Just more praise for your intelligent, thoughtful review. Pretty much everyone who attended one of these + Adam concerts has seen the light and that light is Adam Lambert. Watch some of his solo utube interviews and see how many interviewers, male or female, straight or gay, somehow– absolutely–must touch him. Charisma, beauty and talent. Of course his Glamberts (of every age) are crazed! We are simply paying attention. Thanks again. Now, how do we get you to be the Reviewer for the NYT?

  17. I finally got to see Adam in Toronto with Queen and have watched every other concert stream like the Adam freak that I am (so says my husband :-P) Theres just something to say about him, he mesmerizes you into his world. On the way home my husband commented that he watched me the whole concert and said i never took my eyes off Adam. Being his first concert and he has never really been an Adam fan he really enjoyed it. He said all Adam Lambert fans should be proud as hell of him after seeing him live.

    1. Brought my hubby along for the LA concert. He is not really a fan of Queen music nor is he an avid Adam fan, but…he told me after the concert that he was thoroughly entertained, that Adam most definitely held his own, and that he can see how Adam can be “alluring”. Wow!!!

  18. OK Steve,you said “I’d KILL to review for the NY Times”…..Now that your price has been established, let us point you to Jon Pareles , the current NYT critic and the job is yours! LOL!
    I read his bio and he graduated from the music program at Yale (an elitist, no doubt) He also plays jazz flute. I seriously doubt he has EVER been a fan of pop or rock music. He certainly didn’t sound like anyone who had seen/heard Queen OR Adam live!
    My husband and I are both Queen and Lambert fans. Together, it’s like peanut-butter and chocolate with “Pop Rocks” thrown in for PIZAZZ! YUM!
    WE saw both shows in Vegas from great seats and though we are lifelong avid concert-goers, never in my life have I seen any concert rival these! Hubby says ditto!Thanks for your well-worded and insightful review!

    1. See this is what I don’t get: How can you properly review something if you aren’t A) familiar with their back catalog, and B) know much of anything about the person or genre you’re supposed to be reviewing. Like, why send someone who hates Mariah Carey to write about a new Mariah Carey album? Why send someone who listens to classical music to a Britney Spears concert? It makes no sense. You NEED to have in-depth knowledge of the artist and the material and the genre.

      Anyway, thanks for your kind words!

  19. Spot-on review! It is almost as entertaining to read as it is watching Adam Lambert own the stage. Thanks for putting into words so splendidly what many fans feel!

  20. You really get it. Great review and so-o-o-o-o-on point.
    I was at MSG and loved it. Don’t know where the constipated NYTimes writer was. Crowd went wild.
    I’m going to Mohegan Sun 7/25. Can hardly wait.
    Thankyou for your kind and deserved words.
    Adam is in a class by himself.

  21. Amazing amazing review for an unbelievable Amazing concert. I have been to three and going to one more. Watching Adam sing especially with the Rock Gods of Queen is truly like a drug, you just can’t get enough. He was absolutely made for Queen’s catalog, he’s a perfect fit. I’m so thankful that Brian & Roger recognize Adam’s amazingness & so glad they were able to be healthy & fit enough to do this tour to showcase to the world the incredible talent of ADAM!!! Roger & Brian are amazing as well & they are just the absolute perfect fit together. From a marketing side, I thought it would have been pretty cool if they would have sold Adam’s Trespassing Album at the concert (they sold a poster of him). (I think some Queen fans may have bought it during/after the concert, whereas before they wouldn’t have & might not later either, best is to get them to buy it while they are there). Better yet t would have been nice if they could have recorded even 2-3 songs together w/ Adam & had that compiled on a CD that was sold only at the concert as a pre-release for only those that went to the concerts that would have been incredible!!! That would have just been the cherry on top. I think there are many incredible songs on Trespassing & like someone else posted yes, RCA just fucked up by releasing the wrong ones. Runnin’ is amazing-showcases Adam’s lower & higher register & is my favorite along w/ Shady as well. Shady fits w/ the music today that’s being played & would have been a radio hit. I really hope this next album can showcase his talent, but better yet I hope the right songs are released as singles & I hope radio will now give him the respect he deserves & play his songs. Underneath is suck a perfect song for what’s going on in our world especially over the last few yrs. I love that song as well!! Yes, I agree for some reason Adam is having more success outside the US-I just hope this album they have woken up to Adam’s amazingness because he truly is the best male vocalist around today. However, it’s his live performances that are soooo incredible because it’s the singing, charisma, charm, & swagger & sexiness that oozes when he performs & his amazing personality that just adds to the whole package, which is why it’s just mind boggling to see that voice w/all that on stage!! He’s a once in a lifetime performer who rivals that of Elvis & Freddie & is deserving of that kind of success. Let’s hope the time is finally going to come for him here in the US w/ this next album.

      1. I agree Steve! Shady would have been an excellent first single off Trespassing! Since you’re so appreciative of the “straight male appreciation” allow me to show you some real love from MY own hubby, an old rocker/musician himself, LOL! I believe you’ll appreciate this too! 😉 He LOVES Lambert! And this song is his JAM as you can see!

          1. Thanks so much Brooklyn! That’s the way Adam’s music effects us! I swear, we did not even plan this (well, I sorta did, lol).Hubby LOVES “Shady” so I got my Flip Cam ready, turned up the speakers and put “Shady” on.The rest, as they say, was HIStory, LOL! 😀

  22. I had to comment after reading Broddy’s post.It was like she was reading my mind.I’ve always wondered if Adam had input as to the singles released.They were my least liked songs on the album.I’m not a professional but I knew these singles were going no where.Shady and Runnin,are you serious? 2 fabulous songs that never saw the light of day!The most repeated comment that I’ve heard after the 7/19 concert is”That is NOT the kid from AI”.He’s always been amazing but this time his voice was showcased the way it should be.I hope Adam is paying attention to the response he is getting.It’s not only that he is performing with Queen,it’s because this music is HIM!There are no rock singers out there today,well none worth mentioning.He could kill it.BTW does anyone know if the set list is the same for every concert? I would kill to hear Adam sing “Kind of Magic”,Maybe if Steven gets a job at NY times he’ll have more influence.Just kidding.But if there’s a petition out there,bring it on.I’m getting to go to the 7/25 concert because my friend that came 7/19, who knew nothing about Adam, is now obsessed and was able to get us tickets.See how he affects people?

    1. Hey, thanks, Lara! So glad that you, “Vicroria” above, and me (and I’m sure there are a few more, too) are on the same wavelength about “Trespassing.” I’m flattered you referred to me as “she” — but, nope, I’m a “he”! LOL I saw the show on the earlier end of things, in San Jose back on July 1st, which was well before Adam REALLY went on fire — but, don’t get me wrong, AMAZING show that I thought about for days after and made me become a Q+AL concert video junkie since. You are SO lucky to have seen Adam this late into the tour — and AGAIN on Friday. Lucky girl! Unfortunately, no, the set list hasn’t changed with the exception of “Don’t Stop Me Now” being added at a couple(?) of shows. For me, the one song I am missing — and i realize this is not a deep album cut but one of their oft-played, biggest hits, but I absolutely love it — “You’re My Best Friend.” In the Europe/UK shows, Roger did it. I really wish Adam would do it on this tour — or do it with Roger. Actually, I would have loved to have seen “Killer Queen” and “Somebody To Love” have “You’re My Best Friend” sandwiched in between. They could have chosen someone near the stage and Adam, Roger and Brian would serenade her or him with the tune (or just Adam if it didn’t work with Brian & Roger). What a killer mini-set that would be!

      1. Bwaaahahaha! Yes, Rocker! What other fat-ass b*tches did you think he was affectionately referring to? 🙂

  23. Oh wow! I just had to reply back to Broddy because we are really on the same wave length;A good friend of mine and her fiancée have always talked about their relationship being so solid because they are best friends first.They’re getting married in a few months,so I suggested they use “You’re my best friend” at the wedding.They loved the idea and are going to have it played as”their” song.One of my favorite songs ever.If I ever saw Adam do it the way you suggested I’d be a puddle on the floor!Our seats were so good last week that when Adam was singing on the side staircase,he was no more than 10 feet away.You could really see how blue his eyes are.On top of the talent he’s also spectacular looking.Lets all hope for good things to happen for him and oh please make better song choices.

  24. I put this up on my Facebook page. As soon as I saw the Andy Warhol art on your banner I knew you had good taste.

      1. I live near Pittsburgh and went to Saturday art classes at the Carnegie Museum. The classes were taught by Joseph Fitzpatrick, Andy Warhol’s high school art teacher. This is my brush with greatness. LOL

  25. All I’m hearing are the videos of the show, but I wonder what he does at nite to keep his voice so good nite after nite after two + hrs of singing. He must have a secret ingredient to keep his vocal chords working so well. Been a fan since AI days & can’t wait for his next album to come out & really make his mark on the world with some great new rock songs which are his forte. Of course his ballads really showcase his great voice & range also. When he sings Miracles it gives me goose bumps. The future is his – he just needs the right songs to make non-believers believe.

    1. Totally agree!!

      Also, I would make a joke about what he does at night after each show to keep his mouth vocal chords in shape, but I’m trying not to think of my future husband with any other men but me.

      1. Adam has avoided talking. On his Glam Nation tour he would have meet & greets and go out and sign for fans after most of the shows. We have none of that with Queenbert. He drinks a ton of water and also throat coat tea. He also sings scales to warm up his voice.

  26. Steve,What’s your opinion on why “Time for Miracles” wasn’t a big hit? I read that Brian May said it turned his knees to jelly and he thought it would be a massive hit. Oh and I’m going to Mohegan again tomorrow! Can hardly believe it.My newly obsessed with Adam friend got tickets from a high roller who gets them gratis and isn’t going.How lucky am I !!

    1. It’s definitely a good song, but it was a bit too schmaltzy Aerosmith to really be a big hit. It sounded too much like a “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” and even though the latter was a huge hit, it was a hit in the late 90s, back when soaring movie soundtrack songs dominated the charts. I like it, and I remember when it came out, I was on a post-AI Adam high, so I loved it, but listening to it now, it trudges on a bit.

      He shouldn’t be doing Aerosmith type songs (especially because Aerosmith can’t even seem to capitalize on their own sound anymore.) He needs something new, fresh, funky, but that still relies on his Freddie Mercury-born voice.

  27. Steven, I’ve read dozens of reviews of Queen concerts but yours is at another level. I can’t find anything I don’t agree with which is rare. BTW reason TSP album didn’t take off like it should is RCA dropped the ball right out of the gate. They have been leaning toward hiphop and rap artists for past few yrs and dropping most of their pop artists or basically giving them NO promo.. this is what happened. TSP is an incredible album even Pharrell wrote on it and told the press recently that he went way of the sound from Adam’s TSP album for his latest work which he and Adam created together. Difference is Pharrell’s label promoted the heck out of his music and giving him the exposure he needed to hit Top 10 BB hit list. Just think where TSP would have gone. Also FYE went Platinum in every country several times incl quadruple or higher in Canada.

      1. When anyone would suggest that the wrong song choices were made on Adam’s Official RCA controlled web site, they were told that management knew more than they did or if they argued, they would get blocked. More proof of intentional sabotage is the fact that no one was allowed to suggest that Adam should have won Idol or that Kris Allen is a mediocre singer. In fact, RCA insisted that there be a Kradam thread on Adam’s site. When RCA realized that people could see that Adam had at least 5 times more traffic, right from the beginning, they took the number counters down. I listened to Scott Katz’s interview with Corey Clark, on US Town Hall ( and heard, first hand, just how nasty the producers of American Idol can be. Their mission was to destroy Adam’s career to save their credibility. It did not work well for them.

    1. Here’s my psychic take: Adam wanted creative control and asked to be executive producer. RCA said go ahead but I think they figured it would give him just enough rope. I think they picked the worst singles just to teach him a lesson. Then they get to be shocked when it debuted at #1 despite their sh!t.

      1. Why would they want to “teach him a lesson”? There had to be more of a motivation than just a pissing contest to sabotage an artist that had what it takes to become a big star. I stand by my premise that American Idol was reeling from the the backlash when they chose Allen to win over Adam and Idol instigated the AMA response and had RCA chose bad singles from Adam’s second album.

  28. I went to the second concert at Mohegan Friday night.After going to the first the week before you might think it was repetitious,but oh no it was like seeing them for the first time.Brian asked the crowd how many had been there the week before and to my surprise it was a huge amount judging from the yelling.And Adam was on fire!Maybe I didn’t remember correctly but it seemed to me that he took to the side stairways several times more to connect with the crowd.His whole attitude from the time he came out was “Lets party”.Another thing that he did different was during one song,I think it was Somebody to love,he he sustained a high powerful note for what seemed like about 10 seconds without taking a breath or thinning out,until everyone was standing and applauding.Such a great experience but a little sad knowing we would probably not see him together with Queen again.I’m just thrilled to have had this experience 2 times.That voice never ceases to amaze me.

  29. Spectacular review of the most Spectacular concert I’ve ever seen and heard. I have seen Queen with Freddie and they were Phenomenal, but Adams Insane Otherworldly Vocals, Salacious sexually chemistry and heart wrenching emotions make Adam Lambert Incomparable and worthy of owning the Throne. Queen and Adam are MAGICAL together…it is so Exhilarating that Queen gets a second chance to bring their Iconic music back to life because of Adam. They are a Dream Team and I hope they keep the magic alive.
    Adam has had soooooo many Spectacular songs off BOTH of his albums that showcased his Phenomenal Voice but they Never got radio play. If they would give air time RIGHT NOW to Soaked, Sleepwalker, Broken Open, Loaded Smile, Runnin, Trespassing, Cuckoo, Fever, Underneath. ..any of these songs would be instant HITS..and showcase Adams Insane vocals. New music will be amazing , but so is all of his work…it just never got a chance. That’s a CRIME in music artistry. Now with the World Finding out what our Glamily always knew..He doesn’t need Radio..just everyone buying his cd and him touring. I can’t wait for the next ride. ..Adams one huge surprise after another…one WILD RIDE!!

  30. THANK you!!!! Great review!!!! I had the pleasure to see QUEENbert at three shows and the crowds were just amazing!!! SO much positive energy and cheering..I was just a proud Mother Glam henn!!!! Fantastic fit with Brian and taylor,they felt so comfortable on stage and there was so much love and mutual apreciacion!!! Dont get me started on the artistic part…I ll go on..and on..and on…what a show!!!


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