A Writer’s Reality

Being a writer is hard.

Being a struggling writer is even harder.

There are a lot of expectations. From everyone. No, seriously. It’s exhausting.

My students constantly ask me: “What do you write?”

When I tell them I write young adult fiction, their faces crinkle and say, “Ooookkk…” Kind of like this:

Then they ask, “Are you published?”

And I clasp my hands in prayer and say, “Not yet. But hopefully soon!”

Then there are friends and family who are constantly asking me how the querying process is going.

I tell them, “A few agents are reading my book!” Then I do a little prayer, because knock on wood.

Then they usually say something about self-publishing and I just cannot deal with self-publishing talk, so I mentally tune out and sing “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen to myself until I’m assured that they’re done.

So I smile and nod. Which usually prompts this reaction from them:

Because, after all, this is what everybody thinks writers do all day long (so what’s a little more judgment, amiright?):

Meanwhile, I teach five college courses, tutor, and somehow find the time to write and try to sell my book.

Yet I’m labeled a foolish dreamer, mostly because there are¬†those who don’t quite understand what it takes to be published. Plus, these people generally tend to believe that I want this:

So that my life will pretty much consist of lots of this:


#TheStruggle, however, is #Real because JK Rowling is pretty much one in a billion.

So really, the life of this writer is more like this:

… Until¬†an agent comes along and requests my¬†work, and suddenly I’m¬†on top of the world:

And I try not to get my hopes up, but I want them to choose me, so I unravel a bit inside with each passing day, waiting to hear back.

And when said agent dashes my hopes and dreams with a big fat rejection, life becomes a steaming pile of:

But I¬†keep on¬†writing and hoping and wishing and praying because THAT is what a writer’s life is truly like.

We dream.

And hope.

And pray that somebody gets us.

Because I’m NOT doing this:

Or this:

Or this:

What I’m actually doing is this:

… with words!


  1. OMG, this was amazing. Exactly what I needed this morning!!!

    The New York GIF made me cackle. Many of the GIFs made me cackle. I also got a bit emotional. The Cinderella GIF was a delight. YOUR WORDS ARE AN INSPIRATION.

    Let’s go be JK Rowlings now, mmmkay? Did I miss the point of this post?


  2. I love this! I’m not really a writer…more like a dabbler in words, but this is so true for any creative job/dreamer out there. I especially love the Cinderella picture at the end. So inspiring that it gave me goose bumps!

  3. This is perfect! All the GIFS are absolutely hilarious and the points you make are so, so true, it’s uncanny. The Cinderella picture at the end is wonderfully inspiring and really motivates me to actually keep going with my writing/think about a new project- roll on the end of my exams!
    Much love,
    Phoenixflames12 xxx


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