The ‘Modern Family’ Stereotype

Steve and I recently started watching Modern Family. It’s been a life-changing experiencing.

My best friend had been trying to get me into Modern Family (MOFY) for years, but I spurned her MOFY advances, only agreeing to watch an episode with her when we couldn’t decide whether we should watch Mean Girls or Bridesmaids for the  umpteenth time or which season of Sex and the City to devour. I just couldn’t get into it.

A few months ago, however, when USA Network started to air MOFY re-runs after Law & Order: SVU re-runs, Steve and I found ourselves hooked.

It only took me 5 years to jump on this bandwagon, and now that I’m on it, I’m never getting off.

Part of the appeal is that Steve and I see each other in Mitch and Cam and their relationship and they interact with each other is so similar to ours. Just another slice of evidence that proves that life is based loosely on a sitcom (definitely not the other way around.) In case you’re wondering, Steve is Mitch, the logic-based, eye-rolling sarcastic better half to Cam’s artistic, creative, loud-mouthed, overreacting, over-the-topness.

That makes me Cam.

And I own it.

We assume these roles so perfectly that I’m beginning to wonder if I’m truly a #stereotype. Seriously. Every time I mention to one of my friends that Steve and I watch Modern Family in almost unhealthy doses, they ALL say, “You’re Cam and Steve is so Mitch.”

One of my best friends, we’ll call her Monroe, who lives in Boston, was home for Christmas, and we met up for brunch, and within a half hour of us reuniting, she said that she and her fiancé can no longer watch Modern Family, particularly any scene with Cam, and not think of me. My other best friend, let’s call her Kate, instinctually said, “Remember the first episode, where Cam lifts Lily into the air and ‘Circle of Life’ from The Lion King is playing? That’s totally you.”

Monroe: “Yes!”

Me: “I own it.”

The thing is, before I even watched this show, I had thought about doing this with my future baby.

Because WHY NOT?! Reenacting scenes from Disney movies has always been #1 on my To Do List, and this would just seem like the perfect opportunity.

Don’t judge me.

Turning Cliches Into Witty Metaphors

I do this quite frequently. Especially with that face. I think it’s a superpower that comes with being gay.

Quick wit, especially when served over a piping hot pile of shade, is an art.

I Eat My Feelings…

Pie seriously works at any time of the day, with any emotion.

Fuck, I’m fat.

…I Also Sneak Food

Don’t judge me. You know you do too.

I Have a Flare For Dramatics

I literally say this at least once a week. Maybe twice. Also, see Mitch: that’s Steve’s facial reaction. Followed by extreme laughter.

#PREACH. Meryl could play anything.  Don’t play.

I frequently run around threatening to break things.

I don’t overreact, though. It’s always warranted.

I Am Easily Excited

I’m currently trying to perfect my shimmy. #NewYearsResolution.

I Love With My Whole Heart

At the end of the day, the most important thing in my life is love. I’m cheesy as hell, but I’m 100% true.

Modern Family has done a lot for furthering awareness of same-sex couples in mainstream, family-oriented media in a way that no other show before it has done. It paints gay couples in the same light as it’s straight couples, and for that it should be praised. If I were to be a stereotype, I would be happy to be Cam. He’s flawed, he’s funny, he’s honest, he loves with all of his heart, and he always puts Mitch first.

At this stage of my life, nearing 30 and in a happily committed relationship nearing the 4 year mark, I’ll gladly accept that role.


  1. LOVE Modern Fam, LOVE Mitch and Cam. LOVE all of those Cam lines. Like, they make that show. I want to find the writers who come up with all of the Mitch and Cam gems (some of which go by so fast you almost miss them!), tie them up, and suck all of their creative energies out and put them into a bottle for my own personal consumption.

    Side note: The person people always tell me I am is Manny. (Which… I also own.)

  2. Another awesome entry!! LOVE that show– and now I get to love Cam even more than I already did by picturing him as Blondie!

    1. Congratulations on being honest with yourself! It’s a HUGE step forward and it might seem hard now, but I promise you it will get better…now you’re being honest with yourself and everyone around you and that feeling will generate positivity. I’m glad my modest post could make you chuckle 🙂

  3. It’s an interesting show that leaves those 1950’s – early 1970’s family shows ( both serious & sitcoms ) in the dust, but I’ve also heard / read people complaining about Gloria being shown as a Latina ” trophy wife ” stereotype, Jay as being a couple of steps away from being a modern – day Archie Bunker, who often makes jokes about Colombia / Colombian culture, as well as showing Lily as being mean – spirited, sarcastic & bratty, & Manny as being smothered by his mother when he’s not being depicted as a 35 year old in a kid’s body.
    Let us not forget Claire & Phil. Claire is often depicted as a driven, disciplinarian, serious ” Type – A “, business machine in a human form, married to ( mostly ) happy – go – lucky, good – natured, clownish Phil. Such a marriage would not last very long in the world that most of us live in.


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