Oops … I Haiku’d Again

As a writer, I find inspiration from other writers. I think it’s inherent in our job descriptions. Last week, I came across Defusing Chaos, a blog whose author had the brilliant idea to create haiku’s from song titles by artists like The Dixie Chicks, Madonna, Mariah, The Rolling Stones, etc. I’ll reiterate: brilliant, amiright?

I think it’s a wonderful little exercise in creativity, so I’m stealing that idea piggy-backing off of that and creating some haiku’s of my own. To be different, I decided to look at the lyrics to my favorite guilty pop JAMS and create haiku’s from one song’s lyrics (instead of song titles. To be different. Obviously).

It’s Gonna Be Me

Believe in no man, no cry

Every little thing I do

Just too blind to see



Oops…I Did it Again!

I’m dreaming away

Can’t you see that I’m a fool

Got lost in the game



I Want It That Way

Never wanna hear

“But we are two worlds apart”

You are my fire



Summer Girls

It’s fly when girls stop

Love Fun Dip and Cherry Coke

Had to play hookie



Genie in a Bottle

I’ve been locked up tight

Licking your lips and blowing

Come and let me out




Don’t even know me

You’re always right behind me

I need somebody



Say My Name

Every other word

Heard the voice of someone else

Two seconds ago



Straight Up

Straight up now tell me

I don’t mean to make demands

Do do you love me?



Always Be My Baby

You can’t escape me

Time can’t erase a feeling




All the Small Things

Go, turn the lights off

Carry me home, keep your head

Still, I’ll be your thrill



What You Waiting For?

Eyes can’t find the brake

Take a chance you stupid ho

Like a cat in heat



Cool time-killer, eh?

Don’t forget: Check out Defusing Chaos. There is some really stuff on there!


    1. Ha! I’m a HUGE No Doubt fan, and I’m not the biggest fan of Gwen’s solo stuff (minus like 7 truly incredible songs between Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and The Sweet Escape: “Early Winter,” “Cool,” “The Real Thing,” “4 in the Morning,” “Wonderful Life,” “Bubble Pop Electric” and obviously “What You Waiting For?”), but for some reason, I always loved “What You Waiting For?” — it’s so much fun! I love the kitschy lyrics!


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