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the short of it:

Steven Salvatore is a gay, genderqueer author, and writing professor with an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. They are the founder and CEO of Queerative Writers, a virtual creative workshop series for LGBTQ+ aspiring writers. They are the critically acclaimed author of AND THEY LIVED…, CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY, and the forthcoming NO PERFECT PACES: A Novel (out May 30, 2023), and are represented by Jess Regel of Helm Literary Agency.


for a longer bio and more, check out their media kit!


media kit:

fast facts:

  • When writing about Steven in your publications, please use they/them
  • Steven is gay and genderqueer. You can refer to them as either gay, queer, genderqueer, or non-binary; please do not refer to them as any other term or label than the ones specified here, as that would not be accurate and would be a form of misgendering and misrepresentation.
  • As far as pronouns are concerned in conversation, Steven uses he/him or they/them, and to steal from the fabulous Jason June, feel free to use any set of pronouns based on their energy
  • Steven has been obsessed with Mariah Carey since they first heard “Emotions” at the ripe age of six back in 1992. They proudly defended her during the Glitter-era. They have a Mariah-themed scrapbook from 2002, so the lambdom runs DEEP. They finally met the queen in 2009, and she was gracious, regal, and everything.
  • When they were 7, they played a boy scout in a TV commercial for German sausage that aired only in Germany. It was the most #masc they’ve ever been.
  • They’re a huge Star Wars nerd and fangirl of all things that live in that galaxy far, far away. Favorite characters include Leia Organa, Ahsoka Tano, and Poe Dameron (who is gay and that’s cannon.)
  • Their favorite comment on one of their “Rate My Professor” pages (there are many) is from one former student, who wrote: “He gives the most amount of work I have ever been given. His class is so overwhelming and took up all of my time, leaving me with little time for my other classes. He thinks the world revolves around him.” Spoiler alert: It’s true.